Been almost a year
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's 2012, been a long good year since I quit blogging, and do you guys know what's the best part is a year later, I'm sick again with same thing , lol , couldn't even sleep because of this, I probably might have to skip class and see doctor. Talking about class, I'm already a final year student ! Yes, many of my fren has already working or went for master or higher education but its engineering, you can't get into board of engineer without having 4 solid years of degree. Just patient with it for another year or enjoy the last year of studying , otherwise its going to be all work and no fun soon ... soon ... third year really changed me and what I looked into stuff, especially during industrial training , being intern at engineer consult for 5 month has convince me that engineer isn't that bad after all .. till next time because it already going to 5 soon .

The Massive Arriving
Thursday, April 07, 2011

Whether it is test , report , assignments , they always come to me at the same time ... its almost 3 and I am here write blog with my phone ... and I have to wake up next day for lab ... reading through the lab manual ... its one tedious lab it is ... sometimes I would wonder , why am I getting so much of a burden when I could always chosen an easier one ... this I am not sure... maybe 10 years from now I could have an answer for it. Sometimes I made a decision and regretted it , but sometimes in the long run , it wasn't really a bad choice . I always gave myself a reason to refuse trying something new, and it was always happen when I am not myself ... I wonder why ...
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long tired night
Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's 5 in the morning ,and this is the time I going to sleep . Rushing assignment at late night is really bad for health .. I really think I wasn't going to be able to produce a assignment out in one day time .. I guess thats why I'm Joe ? Skipping class the whole week , first was fever after my Muet speaking test , felt an enormous heat bursting out... okay okay .. maybe I exaggerated a lil .... then went for an hour class for the next day ... the time I arrive, poomp... rain badly .... soak in rain go to back ... Wednesday whole skip as well just to complete engineering analysis assignment ... who knows lecturer leg injured take mc... wth ... in the evening only manage to touch signal assignment ... and just finish a couple of minutes ago ... tomorrow is going skip class again .... finish compile engineering analysis assignment then do report ... then do med assignment... walau... so busy ... no time to get sick ... been sick for one whole semester already ... gosh ...
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so long
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

... never had the time to update ... I think my university seriously have problems with other uni, they don't have a similar holiday , they don't have the same facilities , they don't even let us live for a second as a human ..24/7 exam , 24/7 report , 24/7 assignments. Let me breath man ! I seriously wonder when will be the next time I update this dead blog , I mean I doubt I would ...
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hi this is Joe ..in drunk state maybe? This is blardy hard to type when you can't properly see the keypad ... I'm freaking dizzy now

Oh my goodness .

Addicted to taeyeon 's if
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Hi this is Joe .. under drunk state maybe .. not entiee
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37 hours
Sunday, January 30, 2011

Never ever ever simply order drinks think about the caffeine when you order Teh tarik panas, its annoying that it makes you awake the whole time even when you trying to sleep ... barely able to keep my eyes open during the class .. end up dead slept in the class. omg!! Gonna leave really bad impression in the starting of semester.. anyhow I think I shud stop for today. I need to recharge for tomorrow. Ciao!
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The 2010 and 2011
Friday, January 21, 2011

Woah, speaking about 2010 was pretty much pressure to me, having trouble with housemates and studies during the mid 2010. It was practically killing me forth and back. But it ended pretty well in end though, then during the latter semester was a complete turn over, having only 2 subject was actually quite fun and free. The sem break. was considered the longest 5 weeks (not very long huh )but it was busy like hell and I couldn't even find a time to rest, just because I had to clean / repaint the entire house while having allergic towards paint and dust. Garh, imagine the pain I'm having and the best part is I'm still sick while I had to go back class and things are yet to finish. Gosh, I really need rest for a few days. The up side is my room finally get to refurnished and I'm blogging now with my new HTC desire! Oops, I forgot to brag about my new phone haha! Cough .. haix .. its getting horrible .. I guess I'll just continue next time, since now my phone can blog, I'll get to blog more easily.
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